JS Commtech, with its highly technical Sales & Engineering staff, is the Manufactures Representative of choice in Korea for all RF & Microwave, commercial and defense related markets. With a proven track record and over 20 years+ of experience, JS Commtech is the premier choice for Companies wishing to achieve outstanding success in the Korea market. The company philosophy is to represent a select number of complimentary OEM companies and provide you with the complete Sales & Marketing partnership in the Korean market.

As well as providing excellent representation for your company JS Commtech is a leading Global provider of TD-LTE Synchronization Solution products for Repeater and PICO system applications. For customers looking for a simple cost effective turnkey solution JS Commtech can provide the answer! For information on how JS Commtech can successfully represent your company’s products here in Korea, please contact us to "sales@jscommtech.com" or call 82-2-574-6100 or 408-517-0578 (CA office)